Dooars Tour....................
Hiamalayan Lake at freezing temperature
Terrain Hills .............
Baranti ............... the unexplored
Toy Train through Darjeeling Himalayan.............
A fall of 300 mtr straight down in Simlipal Tiger Reserve .......
Jaldapara National park.....................
Himalayan Hills ....................
About us
Eastern Heavens (Conducted Tour Operator in Kolkata), is a truly Indian Organisation into Tourism Industry, operates out of PAN India basis. We are a professionally managed eco tourism based travel organisation believes in continuous increase in quality service by means of value addition through tourism research. We respect Indian culture, practice, sentiment. We respect elders and prioritises their sentiment & practice and hence we offer special packages for them as Elders' Paradise. We are strictly a Tour Operatour from Kolkata, follows the practice of local / regional Cultural Values in Business. We do not encourage / entertain any unlawful / unconstitutional activities in business. We do not encourage / entertain any activities / practice which goes against regional / local cultural practice / sentiments.


Eastern Heavens is an Eco-tourism based travel company operating simultaneously from Kolkata and other part of India having business network in Kashmir, Himachal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Kerala, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Goa and other part of Southern & Western India etc.  and offering destinations to travel enthusiasts with a penchant for offbeat routes. We are experienced Travel Facilitator / Tour & travel operator / Tour Consultant and we design customised packages for Corporate sector, Family Tours, Group Excursionfor all Luxury and Standard trip. 


Eastern Heavens operate holidays to few but carefully selected destination. Our leaders and their skill sets are enriched with professional education and hands on experience of each of the functional areas of tourism. We have the sense of adventure and with an appetite for discovery and trek. Eastern Heavens tries to make minimal ecological impact, minimal or little disruption to the pattern of local life and appreciate the environment, we even support home stay. The mood of our packages are informal but intimate and professional.



Quality of Service


The emphasis is on quality service, sharing and participation as per the raised expectation of customer. We have accumulated some indepth experience. Given that these destination can often be frustrating if things do not go the guest's way, even difficult to travel. Many of our guest are surprised just how smoothly things are organised. The ability to make things work efficiently is where our experience really matters. Packages Hotel booking, Vehicle hiring, Package tours, Organizing sight seeing, transfer to destinations, organizing events, excursion with group are some of the event organised by us.

The basic objective of this company is to provide high quality Options Packages, Plans and Programs. For us Tourism means creating Satisfaction and raising Expectation among travelers along with sustainable development, conservation and environmental protection and localised cultural & economic development. Our basic plan is to convert it to socially, culturally and economically viable project. The tourism business is fiercely competitive – and needs to continuously improve its standards. Now a days it became apparent that an integrated, industry wide approach with professional outlook to responsible business in tourism is needed and we have put together our moral and ethical conviction with practical action to come up with this concept of Eastern Heavens. Our strength is to offer High Quality Service with Competitive Price with in the class range. We try to observe highest standards of management and promote successful business operations with strong ethical values and absorbing the changing industry dynamics. The team’s in-depth knowledge in tourism together with a disciplined operational procedure helps in conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure zero error hence our packages are extremely sensitive to quality and value additions. We know that long term relationships can produce efficiency and profitability. To build relationships we need to know our capabilities and be sure to under promise and over deliver and we do.

"We are experienced Travel Facilitator / Tour & travel operator / Tour Consultant (Conducted Tour Operator from Kolkata) and design customised packages for Corporate sector, Family Tours, Group Excursion, School Excursion. We also arrange for Sight Seeing to new places, home stay, Tea Tour, village tourism, Angling tour, Birding tour, Photographic tour, One day trek from some of the site, Temple trek and tour, Cultural tour and have some offbeat site for those who wants something different.

Group bookings are always cheaper through us. Cheap packages does not mean cheap hotels or vehicles. The hotels are star properties and the vehicles are good but we try to pass on a part of the commission to our guest and hence guest can always book decent star properties. Hotel or Vehicle bookings are known as component booking which we discourage cause if cancelled part of the amount is non refundable as per our refundable policy. Packages can be rescheduled and hotel upgraded on request but always not true as during peak season rooms might not be available. We also offer monsoon packages and off season discount. Please check our website for such announcement. "

Eastern Heavens shall strive to meet the needs and expectations of our esteemed guests. This shall be achieved through our motivated and proactive family of associated members committed towards innovation and continual improvement with efficient utilization of all resources. Growth through reliable service, followed by total customer satisfaction. We believe in the philosophy that customer service is the only key to success.

Eastern Heavens is all together a different organization, who operates in the same tourism industry in a different way. We are committed to our business and we do the same in a professional way. 


We understand business in terms of -


1. Value for money to customer, 
2. Service as per the expectation, 
3. Deal with serious tourists,
4. Providing quality tourism service,
5. Exploring off bit touring spots,
6. Tourism Entertainment keeping on top the social values,
7. Earning profit and maintain growth,
8. Maintaining a reasonable business standard for middle class tourist,
9. Staying in touch and sharing core tourism information with the tourists.
Why Eastern Heavens –
1. We do not provide cheap service rather we provide value for money,
2. We set the customer expectation standard in the beginning,
3. We don’t commit that we cannot achieve,
4. Our field executives are young & energetic to provide you prompt service,
5. We are guided by senior experienced professionals,
6. We provide Team Manager for package tour for a reasonably sized group
7. We respect local / regional culture, practice, values, ethics and individual sentiment,
8.We don’t encourage antisocial / antinational activities in our business,
9. We provide core tourism service based on our own experience & research,
10. We research for off bit spots and verify the feasibility to incorporate in packages.

We have an excellent planning and designing facility, sound financial backing, huge database and large number of service provider that help us strengthen our quality standards and ensure satisfaction for our tourist / guest. We boast of a team of experts / advisor who have carved out a special place for themselves in the market with their splendid creations / creativity.
Hotels of this region along with the packages are booked by us. We generally offer Standard Packages, Deluxe Packages and Super Deluxe Packages includes the best hotels or Resort of the region.

Sandip Dey - The promoter of the organisation is having extensive travel experience in Eastern India. He by heart is a tourist loves to travel to know and adopt the local culture, practice, economy and society. With a deep-rooted interest in travel photography and an ardent desire to travel, he has decided to turn his passion into profession With varied interests like trekking, camping, adventure tourism, he finds meaning and solace in travel. Travel is a way of life for him. He has an unquenchable desire to explore new places and offbeat routes, a love for flora, fauna and landscapes, the desire to respect local cultures and traditions and an unquenchable thirst to soak in the pristine beauty of nature. With this venture, he wants to share his passion with like minded people. So come join us and be a part of this travel movement.


 Apart from this he is a qualified Cost & Management Accountant and Post Graduate in Financial Management . He is a Six Sigma Green Belt and DMAIC certified for Quality Movement . He has been extensively associated to the corporate world like GE, Oracle, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Pvt Ltd. etc since last 15 years in India and abroad. He has extensive professional & travel relationship with US, EU Countries Asia Pacific and African countries."



Social Responsibility

"Eastern Heavens (Conducted Tour Operator from Kolkata) believes in bringing the tourist to their dream paradise without causing ecological and social damage. We practice Responsible Tourism in which both the tourists and the tour operator work hand-in-hand in bringing down the negative impacts on environment, to uplift traditions and cultural practice & heritage of the region. Eastern Heavens makes an effort to bring you closer to the local cultures, lifestyles, rituals and the practice whereby you get an insight of the life led in local regions. Rediscover how to experience nature and to be in it, feeling it, learning and protecting it rather than just looking at it. The world becomes a better place to live in when nature and people are in harmony with one another. Let’s just not see! Let’s make it an experience together!


Our goal is to ensure that the business we do , is a positive experience for local people, and tourists themselves. We always limit our group size to small in number . This size is less intrusive on the environment and local tourism infrastructure. We employ guides with experience in working and living in the areas in which we travel. They are familiar with the area's local culture, environmental issues, natural history and any particular challenges associated with traveling through different parts of India . We select our guides based on their knowledge and commitment to sustainable travel and train them in low-impact travel. We use local guides on all of our trips for specific excursions

Our pre-trip information contains insight into social and environmental issues that impact on areas we visit. Tour itineraries include learning about each area's unique social and environmental issues, and how to minimize the environmental impact of our visit. We encourage our clients to sample local cuisine, to purchase authentic products and to bring reusable fluid containers. We practice a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle on all tours ."


List of Clientele


  1. 1. GE India
  2. 2. GENPACT
  3. 3. Capgemini
  4. 4. Cognizant
  5. 5. Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  6. 6. Earnest & Young
  7. 7. Delloite
  8. 8. KPMG
  9. 9. IBM
  10. 10. Accenture
  11. 11. Reliance
  12. 12. Wippro




Expert Guides


Eastern Heavens offers you the services of the expert, experienced guides. Feel free to write to us any time. We shall get back to you with all required information.

Hotel Reservations


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